HF-LM10 moisture meter
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HF-LM10 moisture meter
Grain cotton moisture meter HF-LM10
(Four keys)
1. seed cotton
2. corn
3. wheat
4. soybeans
5. rice
6. rapeseed
7. sunflower seed
8. Sorghum

Grain moisture meter

Product model: hf-lm10

Measuring varieties: corn, soybean, rice, cotton, wheat, rapeseed, etc

Measurement range: 5.0-40%

Limit setting: 5.0-40%

Temperature compensation, automatic temperature compensation (20 to 40 ° C) -

Display mode: 1/3 LCD display

Background display: green backlight automatic control

Alarm: real person voice alarm

Power saving: auto wake function, static auto enter sleep

Power supply: 4 batteries of no. 5

Operation keys: touch the keys with fingerprint

Instrument resolution: 0.1% when less than 20% and 0.5% when greater than 20%

1. Power switch:

Set power on the instrument panel, press "shut down", and then press "power on".

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