Rapid moisture analyzer
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Rapid moisture analyzer
Rapid Moisture analyzer for determination of raw materials, fuel, grain, food, tea and other substances for SH10A moisture. When measuring the quantitative sample placed in the instrument internal balance scale, open the balance and the infrared heating device. The samples in the direct radiation infrared, rapid evaporation of free water, when the free water evaporation in the full sample was relatively stable, by means of optical projection readout instrument, read directly the percentage of sample moisture content

———Technical Parameters———

Tested moisture range


Accuracy of the water content meter

+/- 0.2%

Temperature adjusting range

60-170 ℃

Temperature accuracy

+/- 2 ℃

Max. weight

10 g

Division value

0.005 g

Scale readable range

0-1 g

Scale diameter

100 mm

Testing time

1-30 minutes

Reading value mode

%(water content); g(dry weight)


260 W

Power supply

AC, 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ 1 phase

Net weight

10.8 kg

Overall size

290×365×560 mm