Crops Study Analysis System
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Crops Study Analysis System
Model: TPKZ-2/TPKZ-3

It can measure crop seeds such as rice, corn, wheat, rape and soybean, and adopt high-precision weighing sensors and high-resolution cameras to shoot tested seeds. It can measure the number of smooth grains, 1000/100 grain weight and average grain shape (including length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter and area).


  1. System: 8 inches in size, 1200*1920 resolution, 13 million rear camera brand tablet computer, Android system, easy to operate.
  2. Speed: 6S/sample.
  3. Applicable crops: seeds of various crops after threshing, such as rice, wheat, maize, rape, beans, peanuts, sesame and sorghum.
  4. Detection range: 50-1500 conventional grains (rice, wheat, etc.) and 1000-10000 small grains (rape, sesame, etc.).
  5. Accuracy: round seeds ±0.1%, long seeds ±0.3%, can be monitored and corrected to 100%, and the error of grain type ≤0.3%.
  6. Data accuracy: the errors of average area, average perimeter, average length and average width are less than 0.5%.
  7. Data storage: EXCEL tables can be exported, or can be saved in large quantities at the same time. It supports the local view and export of tables to the PC side for viewing.
  8. Data upload: Users can register the instrument cloud platform account and upload the data to the designated account to realize the functions of data viewing, statistics and analysis.
  9. Continuous working time: 6 hours.


Standard configuration

Name Number
Cloud platform software 1 set
Tablet PC 1 pcs
Backlight lamp board 1 set
Electronic Balance (accuracy 1 mg) 1 pcs
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