Lab Transparent Acrylic Glove Box Vacuum Glove Box For Lab Research
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Lab Transparent Acrylic Glove Box Vacuum Glove Box For Lab Research
yakeli shou tao shiyan xiang


1.Vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) effectively solves the easy oxidation and deliquescence of these problems, the device can be so that the test sample to the safety of putting in and taking out, and in anhydrous and anaerobic conditions ease of operation, reaction and testing, ensure that the normal scientific experiments.


 2.Another: the operating room location: reinforcement of high 30mm high 30mm level before the foot room location: reinforcement of high 40mm


 3. Operation room is equipped with: stainless steel vacuum ball valve two (right side, before the class room at the back of the arrangement), two standby valve interface column (on the rear left, right), seal in line (left side of the rear box equipped with a multi-function socket)


 4.Before the room is equipped with a stainless steel vacuum valve, KF-25 interface with a blind plate a (behind the score), O 60/-0.10~0.15Mpa.


5.We can supply a full set of glove box for laboratory, for chemical use, for university,


We can customize the glove box according to your requirement with size, with adding vacuum oven and so on.





Long (operating room)


Bottom width (maximum width of operating room)


Roof width (upper part of the operating room)


High (operating room up)


Top down (inclined) high


Front room: long * wide * high


glove hole diameter

139mm (two)with a butterfly nut special wrench