grain moisture meter
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grain moisture meter
Quick, accurate, convenient

AC/DC power supply compatible

High-brightness backlight LCD, clear and energy-saving

Multipoint calibration, error correction

Low power consumption, automatic shutdown

Automatic weighing and temperature compensation

Volume-weight conversion display

Grain moisture meter


 Technical parameter:

Test object: foodstuff and other nonmetal grain sample

Testing range: 0-40%

Test error:≤±0.5%(Main moisture range)

Test time:≤10s

Repeatability error:≤0.2%

Bulk density testing error: ±5g

Environment temperatures:0-40°C

Display usage:Highlight LCD digital display

Power supply: DC 6V (5 dry battery) or AC 9V (220V DC)

Test object weight: 100-200g

Measured object allow height: 0.5cm lower than the graduated cylinder cone.

Measurement varieties:

Japonica valley ,long rice ,soybean ,wheat, rapeseed,corn, barley, paddy,Indica Valley, round rice, rice, big corn,white wheat, peanuts, Sorghum, black sesame, watermelon, Cottonseed, cottonseed meal,soybean meal, rapeseed meal,pellet feed,coffee,mung bean,redbeans,chestnut,pea,rye,buckwheat,mustard,onion, cocoa,user’s set up

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