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electric farinograph

1.Accurate,reliable,speedy,steady high
2.More popular than Germany brand in C

electric farinograph

1.Accurate,reliable,speedy,steady high automation.
2.More popular than Germany brand in China Now

1.Electric Farinograph Introduction:

Electronic farinograph is an special instrument for testing flour quality.

Mainly used for the flour detection and control in these fields,such as:wheat breeding, business acquisition, storage, flour processing and food production.

2.Electric Farinograph Scope of Application
*  Quality Testing Organization
*  Wheat Breeding

*  Grain purchasing and storage enterprise
*  Grain and Food Processing Enterprise,etc


3.Electronic Farinograph  Parameters

Sample Volume

 cutter 's speed1

cutter's speed2:

Test Range




       31.5 r/min 





4.Electronic Flour Farinograph Features

*  Accurate, speedy: adopting electric analyzing technology instead of mechanical testing power system, and its tested data is more accurate and quick.

*  Reliable, steady: the result has good repeatability and recurrence
*  High automation: computer to process the data, judge the result automatically, and is able to re-judge the tested result according to national standard and international standard.


1. farinograph
2. flour farinograph
3. dough farinograph

farinograph, flour farinograph, dough farinograph

1. A flour sample of 50 or 300 grams on a 14 percent moisture basis is weighed and placed into the corresponding farinograph mixing bowl.
2. Water from a buret is added to the flour and mixed to form a dough.
3. As the dough is mixed, the farinograph records a curve on graph paper.
4. The amount of water added (absorption) affects the position of the curve on the graph paper. Less water increases dough consistency and moves the curve upward.
5. The curve is centered on the 500-Brabender unit (BU) line ±20 BU by adding the appropriate amount of water and is run until the curve leaves the 500-BU line.

• The farinograph determines dough and gluten properties of a flour sample by measuring the resistance of a dough against the mixing action of paddles (blades).
• Farinograph results include absorption, arrival time, stability time, peak time, departure time, and mixing tolerance index.

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