Chlorophyll Meter
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Chlorophyll Meter
Chlorophyll Meter can measure chlorophyll content of plants. Chlorophyll content
and leaf nitrogen content have a very close relationship. Thus, chlorophyll content
can reflect plants demand for nitro. Using the instrument can do go to put nitrogen
fertilizer reasonably,improve utilization of nitrogen and protect environment.

Chlorophyll Meter
1. Measuring range -9.9-199 (Theoretically)
   Measuring range 0.0-99.9SPAD(Agricultural range)
2. Measurement area 2mm * 3mm
3. Within the measurement accuracy of ± 1.0 SPAD units (at room
temperature, SPAD value between 0-50)
4. Repeatability Within ± 0.3 SPAD units (SPAD value between 0-50)
5. Measuring the time interval less than 3 seconds
6. Data storage medium SD memory card
7. Data storage capacity of 2GB
8. Power 4.2V rechargeable lithium battery
9. Battery capacity 2000mah
10: Operating and storage environment: 0-50 ℃ :: 85% relative humidity
11: Storage temperature: -20 - 55 ° C


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